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Birthlight - Yoga to Nurture new life

Birthlight is a pioneer teacher training organization based in the UK and specializing in yoga nurture for the well-being of women, babies and families.

Birthlight's training courses are internationally renowned, offering specialist knowledge in land and water-based yoga practices. Birthlight's vision is one of integrated care and support for empowering individuals as they evolve through pregnancy, birth and the early years of life. On all levels Birthlight aims to create integration and community in their mission to serve families worldwide.
Meet Françoise Freedman, Birthlight Founder and Director

Dr Françoise Freedman is the Founder and Director of Birthlight. She is a pioneer, Senior Yoga Teacher, acclaimed writer and lecturer of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. 

Françoise interlaces her academic research at Cambridge with Birthlight’s mission. She combines her expertise as a senior yoga teacher, swimmer and birth attendant with new ideas to open up fresh thinking and develop innovative Birthlight yoga practices.

During her post-doctoral fieldwork as an anthropologist in Peruvian Amazonia, Françoise was deeply inspired by her initiation from a shaman midwife. The experience of living with rainforest people for her first two pregnancies was life-changing and led to the formation of Birthlight in 1984. 

Françoise’s vision to inspire a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and parenting that connects the best clinical practice with indigenous wisdom remains her priority. She is a mother of four and a grandmother and considers caring for her family her finest achievement of all. 

Please visit for more information about our training organization.

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