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Birthlight Perinatal Yoga

Birthlight Perinatal Yoga

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Birthlight Training Courses

Learning Together in Blended Course formats -

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Perinatal Yoga Diploma Course


Nurture for new families - Birthlight's vision

Birthlight has grown from friends, to friends of friends all over the world, keeping its original vision of integrated care and support to make pregnancy, birth and the early years the best foundation in life. This is a universal human right. Birthlight’s ‘blended courses’, ideally part online and part face to face, offer new possibilities for adaptations of training that will better engage friends and connections in our collective mission: offering the best of tradition with the best of innovation to nurture new life.

Birthlight Training Benefits


Expert teachers creating community

Our network of trainers and teachers finds its unity in Birthlight's vision, regardless of differences in culture, social background and personalities. After twenty years of training, we now have a third generation of Birthlight trainers. At all levels, we aim to create community and integration to serve new families worldwide. Everywhere and in every way, we respect difference.


Trusted and world-renowned

Our training programs are backed by research, professional experience and pure joy in what we do. The combined Perinatal Yoga Diploma & Postnatal Certificate courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. Our graduates in 45+ countries form a global network of the best certified teachers in both the public and private sector. This includes yoga teachers, midwives, maternity professionals, doctors, physiotherapists, pediatricians, obstetricians, researchers, new parents and more. As Birthlight certified teachers, the long-term impact of this rewarding and important work is what we call “expanding spirals of joy” for women, babies and new families worldwide.


Outstanding course. I arrived as a yoga teacher and mother, and also with a history that includes personal training where I specialised in Perinatal and Postnatal women. I was looking for the best course I could find. I wanted it to be thorough, safe, well researched. Birthlight has that strong foundation combined with 30 years experience. It was not the cheapest, not the quickest, and certainly not the easiest. But with the coursework and the 2 part training it really allows you time to consolidate, to try things and to come back to the support of your tutor and peers while it is still new to you. Birthlight has additional resources and information online which you can access while studying and beyond. I would thoroughly recommend this training. It is well worth the time and effort.

Lisa Wellers

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